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April 2012

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Lawnmower Challenge is a lock-and-key, path-finding, puzzle game inspired by classic games from the '80s. The goal of the game is to mow all the tiles of grass in as few moves as possible. The levels, divided into squares and broken into smaller sections with wooden fences, are studded with mower-impassable perils such as rocks and mud. Keys are scattered in the grass which grant access to locked areas. While players can walk over the mud tiles, seeds must be collected and planted to cross them with the mower.


Lawnmower Challenge was created by Peter Choi in a period of 5 months as his first project.


  • True to classics - As strategic as chess and even more addicting than sudoku. A classic puzzle game
  • Crisp, modern vector graphics.
  • Smooth original soundtrack to push your through the difficult levels without a sweat.
  • Similar to the dungeons in your favorite classic adventure games, make your way through complex puzzles by finding and using keys, axes, seeds, and other tools.


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Awards & Recognition

    • "Selected for PAX East Indie Showcase 2012" Boston, April, 2012
    • "Selected for IGDA Baltimore's 4th annual Indie Showcase hosted by Firaxis Games" Baltimore, August, 2012

    Selected Articles

      • "What makes Lawnmower Challenge irresistible is its fresh and clean approach to one of the more classic game puzzles. That and the relaxing, smooth jazz soundtrack is just the clear and heady mix needed to push the noodles of your brain through the more grueling 500-move levels."
        - G4 Staff, G4TV

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      Lawnmower Challenge Credits

      Peter Choi
      Designer, Programmer

      Artist, Freelancer

      Erin Wallace
      Music, Freelancer